Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What Is Tantra Actually?

On tantra.

First, let's explore the word tantra. Tan comes from Sanskrit and means condensing energy. There are 2 million and 1 mis-translations of the word, which literally stems from the word for loom or to weave. The best and most sensical translation is to condense and organize energy.

Tra means vehicle or movement.

So, while the literal meaning may be the movement of a loom or weaving vehicle, the true meaning is more appropriately understood as the focalisation of power/energy. This can be loosely understood in the way that a magnifying glass can focus relatively unfocused energy into something relativley potent. That is the meaning of "tantra." Nothing more or less special or majestic.

So, with that said, what is Tantra? Tantra is using the inherent tendency of the mind to become agitated to eliminate the mind. That is to say, tantra is taking advantage of the mind's inherent predisposition towards becoming agitated by certain things, then using that evoked energy towards a focused and directed purposed. Originally this purpose was to become englightened and realize truth, but due to the quite difficult nature of maintaining a pure purpose through this practice, it quickly became associated not with arousing energy for the sole use of uncovering hapipness/enlightenment, but arousing energy for other purposes- these have commonly been called "black magic," or supernatural powers known as "siddhis" in Sanskrit.

Tantra is nothing more than evoking or arousing energy through the mind's natural predipositions and then attempting to channel that energy for a specific use. Now you understand why it is like a loom gathering individual threads (energy) and putting them together to form something specific, right? Originally (as was said to be instructed by Shiva) this use was to realize Truth. Later, these practices were carried on in times and epochs in which the human mind was too predispositioned to falling into the trap of the very energies which were aroused by the Tantric rituals. For that, these rituals are often viewed as black magic. The most famous of which are known as Aghoras in India. In the original Tantric texts, given to Parvati by Shiva, it is said that nearly all of the time in our current epoch, the Ego is completely consumed by the ignorance which the energy/mental turbulence aroused generates. The most famous of which in Tantra is sexual energy. A person starts Tantra with the aim of using the aroused sexual energy for their own spiritual evolution, but later because of their own weakness this very energy consumes and destroys them in the form of desire for more sexual pleasure.

It is akin to a person begin to use heroin to relax. Even while it is true that a person can probably relax to a greater extent with heroin, in the end the practice will many times consume and destroy the practitioner because of the mental impressions left on a dense mind that later turn to extreme desire to repeat the pleasurable experience.

This is Tantra. According to Shiva, to begin a true Tantra practice is risky and only the very purest hearts coupled with the most determined and self-controlled minds attain success through a Tantric practice.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Achieve All Around Development Through Yoga

Yoga has become popular because of the short-term and long-term benefits for an individual's physical and mental well being. Although the aims of Yoga enthusiasts vary, most of them are inspired by a more spiritual motivation. Others are motivated by finding solutions to their health problems. Yoga and Health are inseparable. Yoga masters try to develop new poses and techniques in order to fit the various health concerns of individuals. Yoga is not just any routine. It's a healthy way of life.

Yoga is now used as a form of therapy for those who experienced injuries. This is the best evidence that show the close relationship between Yoga and Health. It calms their minds and rehabilitates their bodies in order to make a positive change and expand their physical, emotional and mental well being. It gives a Yogi, the balance he needs in order to heal himself. Some physical pains are just psychosomatic. A person's body reflects his emotional state and disposition. Yoga can ease a person's pain by just relaxing his mind and muscles.

Health issues such as obesity and weight management is one of the primary concerns of the medical community. Yoga can be introduced in the daily activities of overweight children and adults. This is the best option because they can do it in the privacy of their own homes and the movements are not stressful. For kids, this will be a fun experience but at the same time improving their health.

Our body constantly gives us signals that it is tired and in dire need of rest every time we are overworked but we usually ignore them. We tend to expose ourselves to stressful situations and unhealthy eating habits. If we wish to change our lifestyle and health condition, we must be determined to change and muster up the needed discipline and take up Yoga.

With Yoga, we have a complete process. It requires discipline and focus. It is not a competitive session. It aims to improve the well being of the individual. It is gentle and increases health by strengthening the muscles and toning them. The best thing is, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after every Yoga session.

In order to achieve total wellness, the body must be rid of impurities and toxins. Yoga is a natural way to detoxify the body. By holding a pose for a period of time makes you sweat, this releases some of the unwanted impurities. By breathing deeply, your body receives enough amount of oxygen which burns more calories thereby making you a healthier individual.